Saturday, November 21, 2009

Quotables...from me to you.

I sent this post to two of my folks, then decided on posting it. All of these are courtesy of me...#DontJudgeMe.

"Nothing worse than sitting on an island with a view of the land...people are on the coast, but you're the only one who has a boat. You're halfway looking to see who'll swim to you, and you halfway want to take the boat back to land...but you know that neither will happen because the people on land don't understand..."

"It's certain ties that I need to cut...problem is, I enjoying wearing the accompanying suits too much..."

"Attention iPhone users...I need an autotune app and a Photoshop app like right away! Then maybe the sh+t I see & hear in life will at least look & sound better. =o)"

"I hate that I am the way that I am, but I feel that it's for the betterment of someone...even if that someone isn't me..."

"Broken Promises are nothing more than temporary shackles used to keep another person at a stand-still momentarily."

"You tryna poker face it, but don't have the cards to deal...somebody show me the NEXT TABLE, where they're passing out the REAL..."

"I think everybody would benefit from doing an analysis of who they're surrounded by. After a while, it starts to speak VOLUMES about you as a person. Just my thoughts..."

"Get RIGHT, before you get LEFT..."

"I was born with this, didn't have a choice to begin if you saw me & I was good, chances are that I pretended..."

"It feels great to help other people...& honestly speaking, I don't know where I would be without it..."

"Waking moments dominated by an over-active mind...figured I could escape by sleeping, that my thoughts would be benign..."

"We live in a society where being a follower is the law of the land, and being a leader is interpreted as you wanting to cause trouble. Well, if that's the case I'm on a collision course with all the trouble that being a leader/individual shall bring..."

"No remorse for those not on the force...had your chance to speak up; played that's why your screams get ignored while your voice goes hoarse..."

"Life is looking so much better with a clear view...all you've got to do is open your eyes and realize what matters and what you've been through..."

"The clocks never have enough time, the calender never enough while I'm mad, I'm also happy for the time I had."

"The clocks never have enough time, the calender never enough while I'm mad, I'm also happy for the time I had."

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